Pre-Medicine Academic Enhancer Programs

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The Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology of the GW School of Medicine and Health Sciences offers two pre-medicine academic enhancer programs for candidates interested in applying to medical schools or biomedical sciences Ph.D. programs. Both programs are designed to enhance competitiveness of applications to medical school or to transition to an advanced graduate degree in the biomedical sciences.

Based on their level of readiness for admission in a health professional school, applicants apply to either:

Both academic enhancer programs have a clinically oriented curriculum with a problem-based learning approach that focuses on basic medical sciences taught to first-year medical students. Since the GCATS program constitutes the first year of the M-ATS curriculum, GCATS students with a minimum GPA of 3.0 can submit an application to transfer their 19 credits from GCATS to the M-ATS program.

An MCAT preparatory course is offered in both pre-med programs.

Each program has its own deadline and application process, as detailed on their web pages. All inquiries about the programs should be sent to

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Option 1: Graduate Certificate Program in Anatomical and Translational Sciences (GCATS)

Spring 2023 Apply to GCATS
Summer 2023 Apply to medical schools
GCATS Fall 2023 Interviews
GCATS Spring 2024 Interviews | Matriculation into medical schools
End of Spring 2024 GCATS Graduation
Fall 2024 Medical school begins

Option 2: Master of Science in Anatomical and Translational Sciences (M-ATS)

Spring 2023 Apply to M-ATS
M-ATS Fall 2023

(equivalent of GATS Fall)

MCAT preparation

M-ATS Spring 2024

(equivalent of GCATS Spring)


Summer 2024 Apply to medical school
M-ATS Fall 2024 Medical school interviews
M-ATS Spring 2025

Medical school interviews | Matriculation into medical school

End of Spring 2025

M-ATS Graduation

Fall 2025

Medical school begins